WAOM 90.5 FM & WGFW 88.7 FM will SOON be Connected and Expanding!

WGFW 88.7 airing 24/7 will soon be connected to WAOM 90.5. Bro Rhyne airing live from the WGFW 88.7 studio in VA.

The Temporary WAOM station running on AUTO from a dusty, very noisey, very hot, crowded Barn/Garage Studio. We must relocate to a permanent home very soon.
WAOM 90.5 FM airing the Message 24/7 to thousands in Ohio

The 3ABN Satillite Dish can receive programming form Radio 74 and/or 3ABN! It is now operating 24/7 broadcasting our Message to thousands in Ohio

The Barn/Garage Studio, Satillite Dish, and 100 foot Temporary Tower for the WAOM 90.5 FM station stands behind Pastor Roy, Ron Myers, and Sis Thompson
Sister Thompson generously donated her property and barn for the initial temporary home of the WAOM 90.5 FM Broadcasting Station.

The 100 foot temporary Tower with the antenna attached stands behind Pastor Ron, Ron Myers our Engineer, and Sis Thompson who supplied the temporary home for WAOM 90.5 FMWAOM 90.5 FM is set up and runs programming 24/7 from its Barn/Garage studio. It must have a different cooler permanent home very soon!WAOM 90.5 FM runs 24/7on auto from programming received by satillite in the dusty, very hot, very noisey, and very crowded Temporary Barn/Garage home.Live Broadcasting by Bro Ralph Rhyne in the WGFW 88.7. WGFW 88.7 airs 24/7 and will be soon connected to WAOM 90.5 in Ohio.

About godsfinalcallandwarning

GFCW is a National & International Evangelistic Ministry declaring the Everlasting Gospel accompanied by a Biblical Health Message and Biblical Family Life principles.
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