YouTube Message 3

Please view the 3rd Introductory Youtube message of God’s Final Call and Warning (orion7787 channel) by clicking on the following link:

Please pray for and join us in serving God by aiding us in inviting every person in the world to join the Family of God.  Though we who believe in God are many, yet are we one Family and one Body with one mission serving one God and Savior.  If you missed the 1st and 2nd YouTube Messages of GFCW please view it on the Orion7787 channel

We desperately need your prayers and faithful efforts. The quickest way to help GFCW meet its goal of reaching every member of the human family upon the face of the earth and uplinking to two separate satellites, is to donate by credit card through our website on the secure website donate button – – Simple checkout.  You can also always mail your donations!

You can mail your donations to GFCW at this address – Gods Final Call and Warning (Please make your check payable to GFCW) 273 Little Cherrystone Lane, Chatham, VA 24531. We will immediately send you a tax-deductible receipt. Remember we are 501 © 3 tax-exempt.

About godsfinalcallandwarning

GFCW is a National & International Evangelistic Ministry declaring the Everlasting Gospel accompanied by a Biblical Health Message and Biblical Family Life principles.
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